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SINCE 1952


Established in 1952, and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600356) in 2001, Hengfeng Paper’s annual production capacity is 230,000 tons of paper and 6,000 tons of hemp/flax pulp, with about 2,000 committed employees, 21 state of the art paper machines and 1 hemp/flax pulping plant.

SINCE 2001

Listed in Shanghai Stock

As a global leading supplier of tobacco papers, Hengfeng Paper has been committing to providing customized solutions to worldwide clients, serving the industry with wide range of options from conventional to new generation products. The company’s tailor-made capability has enabled its customers with more flexibility.


Paper Machines

Focusing on the market demand and targeting on specialty paper segments, Hengfeng Paper offers sustainable value to its customers, extending product portfolio to thin printing paper and packaging paper for food and daily necessities and keeps investing on next generation products to maintain business sustainability.


Annual Production Capacity

With decades of technical experience in specialty paper manufacturing, Hengfeng Paper has been widely recognized as reliable and innovative partner with its commitment on high quality service, manufacturing excellence and customized solutions.